Eido Frances Carney “Dragon Surfacing”


Every time I come out of a down cycle, I feel like I am surfacing from dark waters.  I feel my body swimming upward out of the quiet dark.  It’s like I awaken from a dreamlessness.  A suspension of movement. Like I’d been held in place, held down and now I’ve somehow started moving again. Upward.  It always feels like upward.  It can be a struggle to keep my head above the dark, the lapping waves of doubt and fear.

I’m swimming upward now.   I hope I can make it completely out for a while.  Treading water is just exhausting.

Able to lend hand?



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I am a science fiction fan. I read it, I watch it, I breathe it, I go to conventions to hang out with others like me. I met my fannish family at my first Worldcon in 1995 in Glasgow. I've been smitten ever since. I am a crafter. I make jewelry and sell it Just your typical bi pagan poly sf/f fan gamer geek! I have an amazing group of friends and chosen family flung all across the US and the world.