I am so ready to experience normalcy.  Though at this point, I am not entirely sure I know what “normal” looks like.

Today has been what I think “normal” is like.  I continue to get 6hrs or less sleep but today I ventured to Costco to get necessary goods.  It’s been rainy but the sun peeked out and that felt really nice.   I decided to toss stuff in the crockpot and the house smells really yummy.  I don’t quite feel at the brink of despair though some of the news I’m reading today has made me angry.

So, the previous was written on Monday.  Today, I just want to curl up and sleep.  Even so, I went and got envelopes, dropped off the rent check, and mailed out my partner’s tax returns.

Tired.  So very tired.  Yesterday as a bad pain day.  I think part of it is the sucky weather.  Rainy and cold (okay, I know some of you have snow and suchlike but this feels cold to me).

Trying to look at my financial situation with open eyes.  It sucks.  Lots.  Still looking at job boards, sending out my resume.  Still feeling like a useless drain on my partner.

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