It’s February!  What the hell happened to 2016?  ~sigh~

I am feeling completely overwhelmed and stuck what with the crazy political shenanigans and the crazy of my own little world.  I need to limit my time on social media.  I’ve been reading all those blogs about how to cope.  Trying to practice the parts that make sense for me.

With my improved blood work, it seems that I should also *feel* better.  But I don’t.  Still tired and not sleeping well (or enough).   Trying to up my exercise game.  My knee isn’t cooperating.  It’s getting better though.  So I’ll take that as a measure of progress.

Need to up my search for a therapist as well.  Stymied by my inability to even think about talking on the phone without freaking out.

In good news, Pete, the most adorable cat in the universe, continues to delight.  Playtime is fun and he curls up and purrs against me at nap time.  ~bright spot~   I was gifted with an Ash Williams figure!   Groovy!

I’m trying to hang and make necessary changes.  You hang in there too, okay?  We gotta look after each other.



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  1. I’ve had to take extended vacations from social media since 45 got elected, so I completely empathize. If you can, treat yourself gently and well, look at what you’ve accomplished in the last 12 months on a personal level and allow yourself to take pride in those accomplishments. You’re a strong woman and anytime you need to be reminded, just let me know. *hugs*


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