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Brown skinned legs standing in the sand

I’ve been working on trying to get out of the house more.  Stymied by lack of funds plus it is winter.  Yes, I live in Arizona but we do have winter which means rain and gloomy days.  And for me, highs in the 50s feels really cold and uncomfortable.

As I’ve mentioned before, I need to set down roots.  It is vital for my mental health.  I never managed that in the Bay Area.  I am really trying to do so here.  It’s a bit easier since I lived in this area for 6 years.  Unfortunately, I’m in a different corner and have to learn my way around this part of town.

I’ve started a SF/F fan group here to mirror my group in Tucson.  I plan to drive down to visit my friends in the Tucson group when I have the energy and funds.  I am also in the process of reactivating the poly group.  Not sure where any of these endeavours will lead but it’s the sort of work I find helpful.

I haven’t yet found a therapist.  Doing so is on my agenda.  As is getting my follow-up bloodwork to see if anything has improved (or worsened ~sigh).

I’m trying to do some nesting.  I want to put things away.  There are still boxes taking up one room of the house.  I need a dresser, a couple of bookcases and storage shelves.   I need to give Craigslist a look though I have no way to transport anything large in my Camry (my wolfcub’s truck wold not make the drive up here so that’s right out).

I am still engaging in what activism I can.  Unfortunately, my Congresscritters are not inclined the way I am.  But I make my voice heard.   I am pulling back from social media a bit.  Not reading as much or posting as much because it distresses me.

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