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Brown skinned legs standing in the sand

I’ve been working on trying to get out of the house more.  Stymied by lack of funds plus it is winter.  Yes, I live in Arizona but we do have winter which means rain and gloomy days.  And for me, highs in the 50s feels really cold and uncomfortable.

As I’ve mentioned before, I need to set down roots.  It is vital for my mental health.  I never managed that in the Bay Area.  I am really trying to do so here.  It’s a bit easier since I lived in this area for 6 years.  Unfortunately, I’m in a different corner and have to learn my way around this part of town.

I’ve started a SF/F fan group here to mirror my group in Tucson.  I plan to drive down to visit my friends in the Tucson group when I have the energy and funds.  I am also in the process of reactivating the poly group.  Not sure where any of these endeavours will lead but it’s the sort of work I find helpful.

I haven’t yet found a therapist.  Doing so is on my agenda.  As is getting my follow-up bloodwork to see if anything has improved (or worsened ~sigh).

I’m trying to do some nesting.  I want to put things away.  There are still boxes taking up one room of the house.  I need a dresser, a couple of bookcases and storage shelves.   I need to give Craigslist a look though I have no way to transport anything large in my Camry (my wolfcub’s truck wold not make the drive up here so that’s right out).

I am still engaging in what activism I can.  Unfortunately, my Congresscritters are not inclined the way I am.  But I make my voice heard.   I am pulling back from social media a bit.  Not reading as much or posting as much because it distresses me.

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Fund Raiser




Fund raising




Yep.  Again.  Details at the link.  I really want to create again.  I want to get beads and make jewelry.  I want to get fabric and make clothing and costumes.  I want to give value to those who have been so generous to me.

Thanks for hanging in with me.  If you don’t feel comfortable giving to me, please consider donating to NAMIThe National Kidney FoundationAmerican Diabetes Association or other organization that helps people like me.

Thank you.


A New Year


Made it through 2016.  Barely.  It was a difficult year in so many ways.  Both personally and politically (societally).  I had a few really, really good moments:


And many not so good moments.  My depression is…well, as up and down as it goes.  I had a good therapist before moving back to AZ and that helped so very much.  I haven’t yet found one here.  My energy is being expended on my physical health plus external stuff (relationships, finances and the like).  The election, the numerous celebrity deaths have also had an impact.


I have to make changes or I will die.  Not kidding.  My health needs to come first.  Self-care has always been difficult for me.  I invest so much in caring for others.  I have to do it if I want to continue on in this life.

Part of self-care is writing, writing, writing.  So I will make a greater effort to blog more regularly.



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