A moment in time

Weight down. Not sure why as I’ve had pretty high pain and pretty low energy. But rearranged things for maximum access to treadmill. Wii sadly seems to be a victim of asshole landlord.

My SAD is somewhat better this year. Still experiencing it though. Looking forward to the sun’s return in a few weeks.

Looking at work-from-home jobs or other things I can do for fundage. Jay will have short paychecks because of unpaid leave (the company closed the week of Thanksgiving and will be closed the week between Christmas and New Year’s so that’s fun to think about). So that’s not helping with my healthy me efforts. Yay stress and fretting.

Still haven’t excavated my jewelry making stuff yet. But hope to start making stuff and sharing it with y’all.

I’m torn between feeling like I’m doing too much and doing far too little. My hands hurt. My shoulder hurts. I’ve unearthed and unpacked many things. And rearranged other things. But I still feel like a lumpy, lump lump.

My meds need tinkering as my bp isn’t well controlled on the new ones (switched because of potential damage to my kidneys). And I need to go pee in a cup soon.

Tossing this out there if anyone feels so moved.

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