Long overdue update



So, things have happened.  I’ve moved back to Arizona.  Hooray!    The move was horrific. Stress and depression and anxiety nearly killed me.

Waiting for the movers to come with all of our stuff.  I have to return to San Jose to do a final walkthrough with the property manager on Monday and pick up a final few things.

My plan is to take some time to just breathe before finding a job unless something amazing falls into my lap.

The new place has a pool.  The pool dude came by and showed us the ropes.  Then we gave the pool a try.  It was wonderful!  The yard is pretty private so skinny dipping is definitely on the table.  I gloried in the warm water and just floating on my back and looking at the stars (very, very fuzzy stars since I am so nearsighted and didn’t have my glasses on).

I’m leaving out a lot but I plan to get back on a regular posting schedule.  So I will backfill some of the “highlights” in the near future.