I’ve spent today updating my resume, browsing and applying for jobs in Tucson and looking at rentals in Tucson.  Based on the rental prices, I calculated that I need a job at $13/hr minimum to live there on my own.  It would be tight but I’d be able to have a decent apartment for me and Pete (the cat) IMG_20160607_143703


I’m also trying to figure out how much I’ll need for the move and after to sustain me until I do land a job.  I haven’t nailed down a number yet but I think it will likely be in the $2000 range.  That should be enough to cover rent and utilities and food for a couple of months.

My plan includes updating here as often as possible to keep myself on track.  Feel free to holler at me if you think I may be slacking.  My deadline is August.

Thanks for following along with my journey.   Here’s to health and happiness!

P.S.  Got some bloodwork done and my thyroid is stable (hooray!), my cholesterol is..not (BOO!).   Working with my doc to get that under control.  ~sigh~   Mental healthwise, working towards moving back to AZ is sustaining me.  Visiting my bro and NC really gave me a positive energy boost.  Hanging in there. Moving on.

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