Making changes

I did a thing for myself.  I talked to my boss about changing my hours.  I’ll be doing fewer hours but it will save my sanity.  I could feel myself heading towards the wall.  Tired all the time,  stressed, unable to sleep at night, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, counting the minutes until end of shift, lack of focus at work…..just bad all around.  My boss was awesome about it.

The other thing is that I really am not a Bay Area type person. It is just too damn crowded here.  I cannot cope.  I miss the sun too.  I know there’s a drought here but it’s also often overcast and dreary.  And I’m cold.

I need the sun. I need my support network.  I need my wolfcub.  I need to feel warm. I need to feel grounded.

I want to go back. It is time.

Booster campaign! Get cool shirt and help me move back to AZ!

I also closed my GiveForward campaign. It was necessary and useful for a while.

I think I’ve moved from perimenopause into true menopause but I won’t know for sure for another 9 months.



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