Why I Blog, Reason #165

On his blog, speculative fiction writer  Jim Hines who also suffers from depression, talks about a concern troll he picked up recently.  This random person on twitter seemed very interested in how well Mr Hines functioned due to his head meds.  ~eye roll~

There are still so many myths and misunderstandings out there about mental health and the treatment of mental health.  So many myths and such ignorance about the effects of medications.  Mr Hines does a fine job on his blog discussing some of those issues.

I know that would be non-functional without my anti-depressant medication.  Or my thyroid medication. Or my blood pressure medication.  It’s a trade off of side effects vs being able to live as healthfully as possible.

Trust me, those of us on medications communicate with our health care providers about these issues.  So do not be concerned about our functionality.  We’ve got this.


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