In the grinder

Life keeps being interesting.  After being out of work for a week due to the acute asthma and treatment with prednisone, I was back this week.  Thursday, my partner was let go from his job.  I flipped but on the inside (see: pretending to be a functional human being).  I kept it together enough to finish my work day.  I was able to vent with a couple of friends.  He has enough of a severance package that we aren’t going to be homeless quite yet.   Plus he has skills and experience that are in demand.

I am hopeful something new will come along.  I’m just worried that it will take time we don’t have.  We are still recovering from a few difficult years so do not have a cushion. We both need continuing health care coverage so that is scary as well.  There will be a gap unless COBRA has gotten less expensive with the ACA which I doubt.

I am trying to keep hope. My partner would be a huge asset to any company.  It’s just a matter of convincing him of that fact.  And then getting his foot in the door somewhere.  I don’t even care if we have to move again.  Heck, going back to NC would be a boon for me.  I have a real in-person support system there.   I don’t see us going back to AZ but that too would be fine with me.   He has been thriving here so here is where the job search will focus.  I will cope.  I have to.


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